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Stardust of mine

Stardust of mineOf lives entwinedThe passage of timeDoes not diminish. Yet as we return to the earthIncorporated into its majestic rhythmsThe circle of lifeUnassuagedContinues. Our energies sublimeRadiant in our spring and summerGradually fadeThrough autumn and winter. And our journeyFrom this lifeTo the nextWhatever lies beyond the veil… Our nextGlorious adventureAwaits!

Inclusive Digital Economies for the SDGs

This recent report by the UN Capital Development Fund looked at underserved communities in 46 of the worlds least developed countries and the opportunities that fit for purpose digital financial services brings. Don’t be mistaken to think this isnt relevant to developed countries. We have our fair share of marginalised individuals and groups. We can … Continue reading “Inclusive Digital Economies for the SDGs”


This video highlights the dangers of steamrolling NDIS reforms without involving the community, focusing only on cost cutting rather than much needed performance and productivity improvements or the national building economic benefits and opportunities of the scheme.

Re-imagine your world – a Photoshop competition entry

I decided to create an image that told the story of our beloved Australian animals, the threats to their very survival and try to bring some of the incredible vibrancy of Australian outback colors to a urban city scene lacking a soul and out of touch with nature.

Micro-credentials and how we stack up on VET reform, goals

Insightful article by Craig Robertson on the future of micro-credentials – the value of formal and informal qualifications. Also, worrying data from Productivity Commission on Australia’s report card for VET reform goals where 3 of 4 important metrics not met. – Those without Cert III – target not met– those with higher level quals (diploma … Continue reading “Micro-credentials and how we stack up on VET reform, goals”