Can you not see? The world is burning.

A quick experimental animation on climate change that I plan to insert into some other work. I think variants of this has been used in many places and times a.k.a Rome is burning.

Can you not see? The world is burning.

I used a couple of old icons I had created a couple of years back for a mobile app and Adobe After Effects. One thing that was of note is that I used 43 different fire sound effects from Adobes sound library running in parallel to give a great, sudden impact of noise.

For some reason it didn’t export sound correctly in After Effects so I had to import them all in to Premiere Pro and render from there.

Poetry collection

I’ve been putting together a compilation of animated poems for an upcoming event. I was amazed that it ended up being forty-five minutes across nine different subject areas. I’ll publish a link to the collection once the external event has taken place.

My mediocre special effects using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects are slowly improving. Its interesting to see how all the different tools in Adobe suite can be used.