Disk speed tests Samsung Portable SSD T5

As I try to extract more performance of my aging 2015 Macbook Pro, I finally bought an affordable external SSD to replace my old Seagate external drive to hold cache and video files while I use Adobe Creative Cloud suite to create digital content. Disk space is always a premium so if I can offload some files, without a loss of performance, I’ll be a very happy camper.


  • Disk speed test tool (free) from Black Magic Design
  • Macbook Pro 2015 SP719 with PCIe-based flash storage, USB 3.0
  • Seagate 1TEAPF-500 4TB
  • Samsing Portable SSD T5 1TB


My disk speed test results, on USB 3.0 showed that I get approx 5x’s improvement on my old Seagate SATA drive, comparable write speeds to my internal drive but a big difference on read…. maybe the value of an internal cache… The Samsung supports USB 3.1 and a max speed of 540MB/s so if you have newer computer, you may get a faster read/write than I did. As that’s as geeky as I’m interested in going… I’ll leave it there with my curiosity satisfied!

Next on my list is to try it out in a real world scenario!


Internal flash storage speed test

Max speed claimed to be 120 MB/s but I got a fraction of that in my speed test.

Seagate 4TB 1TEAO-500

Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB

MetaHuman – a quick review

Wow… wow… wow…

MetaHuman experiment

The result of a quick experiment using online MethaHuman Creator alpha to create a realistic human avatar. Great potential for storytelling.

Simple user interface where similar allows you to choose a base character, blend it with others and then focus on different character attributes.

Intuitive blending a base character with three others
Focusing on eye modifications

You can download it to use in Maya and and has license condition to run inside of Unreal Engine. Worth checking out for free at: https://metahuman.unrealengine.com/