Future job and skills outlook poll

WEF carried out a global poll of 11,000 young people on future skills using u-report platform.

WEF Youth Perspectives

I wish life was a game which came with instructions, but unfortunately we don’t have that roadmap that can tell us exactly what we should do to get to where we want to be.

Praise Majwafi, 22, South Africa
  • 63% believe, given the current economic and social changes, they will have the career that they want in the future?
  • 30% can’t afford training and its their biggest barrier to develop the skills they need to pursue career aspirations.
  • In Australia, which was a small sample size – don’t know what skills they need came up top.
  • 32% job ready skill program and 28% access to on the job training would make the most difference to achieve their career goals. Thats also reflected in Australia’s small sample.

Its worth checking out the knowledge graphs – you have to create a WEF account for free, as well as easily accessible ureport

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