Will truth finally have its day?

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash
Oh, craven shadow
Can you draw your eyes away
And fix your gaze?
Can you ignore that 
In front of you?
A truth
In its fierce intensity 
Demanding your attention
Refusing to go away.
The inevitable is finally 
Leaking out 
Of the locked box 
You’ve squirrelled away
Oozing out 
From cracks and crevices
To show you 
Your enduring shame.
Oh, craven shadow
A cancer that has been eating 
At your soul
Invisibly doing its damage 
Your suit of armour helpless
As your rotting corpse 
A stench proceeding you
Growing stronger
More noticeable 
Each and every 
Passing day.
And even though 
You control the airways
And set a nation’s agenda
Some truths are too big
To be contained
And this truth is one
That must be told
Your slights of hand
Cannot distract from this day.
There must be consequences
For those that shamed
And also, what of justice 
For those silenced
For the depravities 
On bodies soiled
For those whose very souls 
Have fragmented 
Living quiet lives burdened
Lives full of shame
Tortured lives
Oh, craven shadow
Time for truth 
Your truth
The victim’s truth 
To finally have 
Their day. 

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