Climate Fool

We are at risk of losing everything that we hold dear. Before our eyes record temperatures on the rise year on year.

An animated short film on Australia’s climate change denial and the importance of moving away from fossil fuels and embracing a renewable future.

An animated climate change video that tries to connect with the audience. History will not judge us favourably until we stop obfuscating and set aggressive goals to reduce carbon emissions. Accounting tricks and woefully inadequate Paris Targets do us all a disservice. Blatantly wrong strategic choices on a gas led recovery are going to come back to haunt us unless do the right thing.

“EU set to deny gas power plants a green investment label”

No doubt I’m preaching the converted – but I hope you enjoy the video which is best seen with the sound on.

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This animated video tries to capture the audience emotionally rather than through facts and figures. It focuses on the potential of extinction of some of our most beloved animals.

I think I’ll keep coming back to this video and adding additional scenes that bring this important issue to life.

 Climate Fool
 Australia’s emission’s denial
 We are at risk 
 Of losing everything
 that we hold dear.
 Before our eyes
 record temperatures
 on the rise
 year on year.
 Extended bushfire seasons,
 more severe.
 Droughts and floods
 now our constant companion.
 This climate crisis
 threatens the very existence 
 of the symbols
 that define our nation.
 Koala extinction in NSW by 2050.
 Can you imagine a future
 without them?
 Is this the Australia
 we want to leave
 our children
 and our children’s children?
 Will the destruction
 of our country
 be our legacy?
 There is a way.
 Carbon emission targets
 that reduce emissions by 50% 
 in the next decade
 and zero targets by 2050
 can take us back from the brink.
 We can make a difference.
 If we stop listening to the lies
 of polluters 
 mining, coal, oil and gas industries
 with their insatiable greed.
 Politicians at their beck and call
 ignoring science
 with outrageous lies 
 and slights of hand
 to get money, 
 to stay in power,
 regardless of the consequences.
 There is hope.
 We can chart a path using renewable energy.
 If we act now
 to stop  
 the destruction
 of our lucky country.