The challenge of finding your voice and telling your story. An kinetic typography animation using the spoken word.

The challenge of finding your voice and telling your story.

Organisations are constantly striving to make the complex simple. How to engage their audience and not miss key information? How to remain authentic and retain the substance of their value proposition?

So many digital animations today have little substance, and though there is a large audience for that, there are other audiences craving something more. Audience drop off rates over time lead creatives and marketing teams down a path creating videos and animations of shorter and shorter duration with less positioning of their topic. There’s a constant tug of war trying to get the balance right. The reality is that there are markets for both and both should be well served with appropriate content. There are other influences such as target audience and media distribution channel that have to be accounted for.

In Australia an analogous example would be mainstream commercial breakfast TV versus Radio National. I would have liked to have said ABC Breakfast TV but unfortunately its adopted a very similar substance light approach as well.

This animation titled STORYTIME uses typographic kinetic animation that starts in a style from Apple’s Blink and then goes off its its own direction. I use a poem I created earlier this year to describe what my business is about, that initially I had set to a typewriter style animation effect but I think this is much better.

I’ll keep exploring the relationship of spoken word, emotion, narratives of substance as well as creativity and technology in my work. I hope you enjoy it to.