2021. Ah, this was the year that was…

Photo by Two Dreamers on Pexels.com
This was the year that was…

Propaganda over policies
Power over principles
Pandemic over protection.

A Whittling away of democracy
Lack of accountability
Politicians playacting
Where shadowed maestros play the tune
That we all dance to.

A corrupted system 
Orchestrated by robber barons of old made new
With graft now unashamedly done in public
The old boys protected at every turn.

Falsehoods and fallacies overtake truth as myth
The cult of me over the community of we
Avarice prostrated as good
Elitism and entitlement rule
And we stay in indentured servitude
Service industries
A so called gig economy
A mockery
Of what is just and true.

With blatant fascism and racism
Now proudly on display
Drumbeats of war to distract us
Talk continues to be cheap
Deaths in custody continue unabated
A national woman’s movement
Decrying subjugation, rape, their hurt
Cheerily do-opted and then ignored
A web of lies spun from every orifice
While men in power positions continue to escape their rightful day in court.

The disabled remain invisible
A footnote consigned to oblivion
Our wealth before their health
Swept away
A dirty secret ignored.

The continual demise of biodiversity
A clock ticking down on the climate
Code red, klaxons blaring

What did we learn?

For the fires that swept through our nation will surely return
And all the co-branding of resilience
The isolationism from our global brotherhood
Where we ignore wave upon waves of new virulent pandemics
That beat incessantly on others shores
It will mean nought.

For what lies ahead of us?

Will we see that the bleakness of 2021
Was but a child's game?
And bring to bear a new reality
That we can no longer spin away
Our truth will be to wish
To plead
That it was the previous year

Where destiny can be prevented
Where there is time to change
The course of what lies ahead.

What did we really learn?

Ah, 2021.
It was the year that was.