We live lives of fallacy.
Sleepwalking. Oblivious.
Indentured slaves.

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We live lives  
Of fallacy
Indentured slaves
Going around and around
The hamster wheel
Powering someone else’s 
Parroting those 
Surrounding us
Their diatribe 
Lulled by ignorance
Sweet Lullabies 
Deadening blows 
Leaving no visible marks
As we gorge 
Leftover morsels 
Their seductive charms
Brainwashed and 
Blissfully unaware
As we are 
Inevitably trampled
Ground down 
To dust.
Pulled to and fro 
By dispassionate puppeteers 
With a system rigged
Unfair to most
Stark disparity
Their right of birth
To maintain the status quo
Intent to fulfil 
Every privileged desire.
Time removes
The invisible strings 
That bind consciousness 
Unbidden thoughts 
Seep though
I sense 
My surrounds 
With newly opened eyes
I start 
To spot 
Needless disparity 
Injustices all around
My mind 
It does 
Cause me to pause
To assimilate 
These hidden tapestries 
No longer 
Beyond my
I see 
The world as if anew
Layer upon layer of 
Nameless institutions
Politicians Protecting 
Power and inequity
Fills my core
How have we 
Allowed this 
To become our society?
How could 
Our apathy 
Be so great?
So many remain 
Cocooned in false narratives
Playing another’s 
It’s time 
To take a stand 
Break the chains
The bonds that bind
To protect 
What remains of 
Our land
To stand up for those 
More invisible 
Than you or I
To break the shackles 
On our minds
Regardless of consequences 
To take a leap of faith
And act 
As if our 
Very lives
Depend on it
For they surely do.
Do your worst.

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