Vaccine Eligibility checker fails those who need it most

The Vaccine Eligibility checker is too complex for many Australians with a level of literacy required that is beyond many.

According to the Info Access Group, 14.1 per cent of our population have very low levels of literacy, and over 40% have literacy levels below what is considered enough to get by in everyday life. So groups that are least most likely to need vaccines are the least likely to be able to complete the checker successfully.

At a time where we have not enough Pfizer in the country and AstraZeneca readily available, more should be done to make the form simpler, more accessible to the point and not confusing for Australians. There’s an understatement to say that there is a lot of streamlining for AZ that could be done, as you’ll be prompted by your doctor or nurse giving the vaccine anyway, helping you make an informed choice.

As one example, its easy to think in the below part that the Yes and No refers to do you need help deciding rather than are you willing to consider AstraZeneca – leading to you ruling yourself out.
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