Authentic university experience down, educational experience up.

Even though students are being deprived of that authentic university experience they won’t be deprived for the educational experience.

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A study by the Australian Catholic University shows slightly improved learning outcomes for uni students provided a video instead of a physical or live class.

The article from The Conversation by authors from the Australian Catholic University is a cause for celebration as even though students are being deprived of that authentic university experience, they won’t be deprived of that educational experience.

The Conversation’s article goes on to provide resources on improving videos such as giving students more control, making videos more authentic and interactive.

Having recently edited a video for an education institution I’d also add a couple of simple but important tips for online recording for lecturers.

Editing is your friend

Review your video and edit out extraneous detail and repetition. It can save student’s time and improve their learning experience.

With live recordings you may find that some of the informal chat between lecturer and participants can be removed if they aren’t adding any significant value.

So don’t simply record and publish, take a little time and use simple editing techniques that can make a big difference to the student.

Thinking out loud

Watch out for umm’s or err’s!

Too many of these can distract the viewers and drive them a little crazy. Just catch yourself and try pause as you think. Try to edit them out if its an issue.

Watch your video and note how often you do it.

It’s all about the audio

Your students can live with poor visual quality but not with poor audio quality.

In the age of Zoom we are saddled with an unreliable NBN with lags and disruption in recording common. Record in tandem using a second hardware source – maybe your smartphone and the worst case you can substitute in backup audio.

Audio software can also be used to dramatically improve the sound quality.

You won’t go wrong investing in a decent microphone or headset with built in quality microphone.