Stopping koala extinction is agonising simple. But here’s why I’m not optimistic – The Conversation

No other animal captures Australian’s essence across the world than the Koala. Can you imagine an Australia without Koalas? Well at this rate its likely only 30 years away – within our lifetime unless 42 recommendations for change are acted upon. Whether there’s is an appetite to do something meaningful with land clearing where there is existing koala habitats remains to be seen. Will conservationists or developers and industry win? Better go out and see this functionally extinct race before its too late and we witness its pitiful demise.

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry report: #extinction #koala #conservation

By persisting with COVIDSafe Australia risks missing out on globally trusted contact tracing – The Conversation

Time to evolve and pivot the COVIDSafe app to use “Gapple” APIs. This is even more apparent and inevitable when you look at the roadmap that Google and Apple have stated to embed key contact tracing functionality into their base platforms. Heck, you can still call it the COVIDSafe app and accept a more trustworthy decentralised model.

“In the second phase, available in the coming months, this capability will be introduced at the operating system level to help ensure broad adoption, which is vital to the success of contact tracing. After the operating system update is installed and the user has opted in, the system will send out and listen for the Bluetooth beacons as in the first phase, but without requiring an app to be installed. If a match is detected the user will be notified, and if the user has not already downloaded an official public health authority app they will be prompted to download an official app and advised on next steps. Only public health authorities will have access to this technology and their apps must meet specific criteria around privacy, security, and data control.” – Exposure Notification FAQ Apple and Google #covid19au

Teleworkability in Australia: at 41% if full-time and 35% of part-time jobs can be done at home – The Conversation

After years of prevarication its taken Covid-19 to finally reshape cultural attitudes to working from home with all the benefits that ensue. Some analysis from Deakin and Ghent Universities on what percentage of workers could work from home on either a part-time or full-time basis. They’ve mapped US O*Net occupations to ANZSCO codes to help achieve that. Now if only we had decent and affordable NBN infrastructure to support these new ways of working… #covid19australia #futureofwork #remotework