Spoken word proposition

The power of the spoken word to cut through the noise and make an emotional, visceral connection.

We live in a world
Awash with information
Where everything
Plays at full volume.
To cope
To filter out
All the noise
We put down
Our shutters
Leaving only time
To position
Our proposition.
Yet it is my conviction
That many audiences
Appetites are not satiated
They are left craving
More substance.
That delves
Deeper into complexity
That informs
That inspires
That frees the mind
Meaningful dialogue
That lifts the shutters.
And sparks action.
A connectivity strategy
Emboldened by the use
Of the spoken word
To connect emotionally
Yet retain real authenticity.
So if you need
A pitch that resonates
That differentiates you
From the marketplace
That advocates
For just societal issues
That simply and eloquently
Explains your
Company’s value proposition
In engaging language
Touching the heart
Not just the head
Take a chance
If you dare
To set yourself apart
And walk upon
A path of creativity
Let’s talk
Let’s help
Find your voice
And tell
Your story.

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